Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Harry LittlewoodHarry Littlewood
Next time, fire engines!
I could not recommend Gareth enough! He is a great driver instructor, he is empathetic, supportive and understanding. Gareth supported me through the theory aspects of driving as well as practicals. I felt safe to learn and felt supported through each lesson. With Gareth’s support I managed to pass first time and feel confident in what I have learnt from him. I would highly recommend Gareth!

Matthew CockrellMatthew Cockrell
Passed before A level exams start.
From my first lesson to my last, Gareth has always made me feel confident in my own ability to be able to drive, making me feel at ease when I was nervous at the start and giving me helpful insight throughout. It was a pleasure learning to drive with him.

Anna Longman
Over coming plenty of initial nervousness
Thanks to Gareth, I recently passed my driving test. When I first started lessons I was very nervous, Gareth’s patience and encouragement helped me to grow in confidence and eventually I found driving to be enjoyable. The lessons were productive and engaging thanks to a friendly teacher, I couldn’t recommend him enough (He has also taught three of my friends to drive who all share similar sentiments)!

Uni student passes 1st time.
I would highly recommend Gareth as a driving instructor! I felt like the lessons were very structured, and I was progressing every week. This, along with constant helpful feedback gave me the confidence and ability to pass first time.

Decided on a different instructor
I was feeling like I was not improving with my previous instructor. A friend suggested Gareth and i felt much more confident taking my test,

Passed 1st time
Gareth was very good at instructing me on the rules of the road and how to safely complete basic driving skills like steering, gear shifting etc. He is very patient and explains everything in a way you will understand with diagrams and other methods. He helped me to pass my test first time and I would highly recommend him. He is also very easy to talk to during a lesson if you are struggling with anything.

Libby WooffindinLibby Wooffindin
Footballer scores 1st time
Gareth has been a brilliant instructor in enabling me to pass first time! He worked with me around my college and football schedule, and really helped me develop all the skills I need as a driver. 100% recommend to anyone, whether your a total beginner or have a bit of experience!

Zak Andrews
Passed 1st Time
Gareth has been a great instructor. He has helped me develop my skills throughout my lessons, making sure I understood everything whilst being kind and helpful. Due to his feedback and teaching I was able to pass first time and so would highly recommend!

Jacob JaggerJacob Jagger
Gareth is a fantastic driving instructor. Since my first lesson on my birthday, he has been teaching me from the basics to the more advanced side of driving and he has been amazing every step of the way. On my first lesson, I had never sat behind the wheel of a car before, I was terrified of the idea of messing up not only in front of my instructor but in front of all the other drivers too. Quickly, Gareth made me feel comfortable in a stressful position and made sure I was okay to continue, after that, the rest of the lesson was smooth, and I had learnt a lot from the experience. Recently I had my test which I was able to pass with only 5 minor faults which, after doing research, is decent for a driving test considering the nerves I was feeling on the day. The outcome wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Gareth, he’s a great instructor and anybody who has him should consider themselves a lucky student because he is a very good one to get.

Ollie Hall StaceOllie Hall Stace
1st time pass and zero faults
Gareth has been a fantastic driving instructor! From his initial home visit to the day of my test, he was always so supportive and encouraging. He fitted lessons in around my school timetable and was very patient throughout, explaining everything clearly and using different teaching techniques to make sure I understood and progressed. He managed to have me test ready and pass with 0 minors in less than 5 months. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Gareth and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a great driving instructor.

Ollie GladwinOllie Gladwin
Passed 1st Time
Gareth provided fun and enjoyable lessons, whilst also teaching me everything I needed to know, in a confident manner. He's very patient and provided clear instructions. He always asked where I felt weakest and would focus on whatever I was struggling with. Due to all this, I was able to pass first time.

Laura WalkerLaura Walker
A change of driving school did the trick
Driving with Gareth was really good because he made sure to tailor his teaching methods to what worked best for me. He was always helpful, easy going and friendly and pushed me to my full driving potential.

Anna Barber
1st time pass
Before learning to drive with Gareth, I had taken a few lessons with someone else and then given up and completely lost confidence that I could learn to drive - I even told my mum I wasn’t going to learn, I would just wait for AI to improve so cars can drive themselves! However, after graduating university, I’ve found a real need for a car. Learning to drive with Gareth has been a really positive experience. His clear explanations of each aspect of driving helped to build up my understanding which in turn built confidence. He was always happy to re-explain things, calm whilst I was driving and helped me to reflect on my own driving to improve more quickly. During my test, I felt that I had been prepared really well for each aspect and knew how to handle the trickier junctions, one way streets and other tricky bits of road. Having now driven alone in a car, I feel my lessons have made me confident in handling everyday situations in the car safely and independently. I will certainly be recommending Gareth to friends looking to learn to drive as I genuinely only have positive things to say about my experience.

Kimi MistryKimi Mistry
A change of instructor lead to success
Gareth is a fantastic instructor. His lessons were brilliant and he took an active role in explaining manoeuvres, positioning and general road awareness to me. He is an approachable instructor who I felt comfortable asking any question to (even if I thought it was silly)! I would highly recommend Gareth as he is an exceptional and conscientious driving instructor.

Hannah McGowanHannah McGowan

Josh JonesJosh Jones
1st time pass
Instructor made use of diagrams and other visual aids to prepare for harder skills such as joining a dual carriageway and roundabouts easier. Gareth was patient when I made mistakes and took the time to fully explain errors which greatly increased confidence. chose what to practice rather than having a rigid structure eliminating time waste. If I had doubts Gareth took time and was considerate.

The LDC website provided excellent revision and learning for the theory test. I do belive it if possible there should be more of the modern CGI hazard perception videos.

Hari KitchinHari Kitchin
Happy days
Hari was away at college studying for an engineering apprenticeship and returned home each weekend.

Cerys Ruddy
Helping a student who had failed twice with her previous instructor.
Cerys had previously taken two driving tests with another instructor and was in need of her confidence boosting and positive reinforcement so that she could achieve her potential in test conditions.